Services to Protect Your Workplace

Our Occupational Health Services

We have a broad range of OH services available that can be tailored to your suit your business needs. We do this whilst being able to provide an OH presence whenever and wherever you need it, keeping your business working uninterrupted.

On-Placement Screenings

Ensure your employees are the right fit for their jobs and that their jobs are the right fit for them, with our On-Placement Screening Service.

Health Surveillance

We asses if your workforce is exposed to workplace hazards or they are at risk of occupationally induced diseases and conditions. Our Health Surveillance programme will protect your workforce whilst meeting relevant legal requirements.

Absence Management

We aim to decrease the negative affects absenteeism can have on the rest of your workforce. Managing absenteeism in your workforce helps to reduce costs whilst increasing employee productivity.

Employee Well Being

Helping to improve the well-being of your workforce and in doing so, improving employee productivity and the success that has on your overall business performance.

Ill-Health Retirement Medicals

Get crucial, specialist advice on Pensions and Ill-health Retirement from our team of KnOHow specialist occupational health professionals, tailored around your pension scheme.

Vaccination & Immunisation

No more sending staff off-site to receive ad-hoc routine flu, travel or work related high-risk vaccinations, with an organised and tailored clinic delivered directly at your premises you save time and money.

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Vaccination & Immunisation

Immunisation is an important tool in disease prevention in the workforce and can help to protect employees who are most at risk. Ensure your workforce is protected from illnesses by providing them with the correct vaccinations for their job.

Legal Obligation

There is a legal obligation to assess the risks you expose your employees to. Where there is high risk, precautions must be taken to minimise the potential for harm. Vaccination programs are just one area that can limit some of the hazards in high risk occupations, where contact with blood borne viruses may be frequent.

High Risk Areas

This is the ideal programme to ensure those employees in high risk areas, who are exposed to potential blood borne viruses, are protected as best as possible:

  • Healthcare
  • First Aid
  • Needle Exchange Services.
  • Embalming / Crematorium / Mortuaries.
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Council workers: street cleaners / refuse disposal
  • Prison and detention services
  • Tattooing and body piercing
  • Social services
  • Plumbing and sewage workers
  • Military personnel ​

Mobile Assessment

We can arrange for one of our occupational health specialists to visit your premises, at a time that suits you, to ensure your vaccination policy is administered effectively and efficiently, with as little disruption to your workforce as possible.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance can be carried out on your site, in a mobile vehicle or at one of our designated premises.  We offer the following Medical Assessment Services as listed below.



Vision Screening

Confined Spaces


Statutory Health Surveillance

Skin Assessments



Display Screen Equipment

Night Workers

Hand Arm Vibration Assessment

Absence Management

We aim to make a positive contribution to the health of employees, and through our approach we emphasise  on what a person can achieve rather than is unable to do. 

Positive Enviroments

Following a leave of absence it may be difficult for an employee to return due to concerns about work. This is why it is essential that any return to work is managed in an environment where all parties understand the aims and objectives of any return to work programmes, and that programmes are structured, achievable and realistic.

Referral Service

The referral service will cater for all employees who will have differing health issues and personal circumstances.

Provide Support

When assessing their health issues it is important to explore what the employer can do to help themselves, what outside support can be offered and also how the employer can play a part. Using this holistic approach will result in a better outcome in fully appreciating any barriers to a return to work.

Employee Well-Being

We are able to offer a service to meet with your budget as well as your health needs, by offering a bespoke employee well-being service.

Professional GP

In some instances, it is just good to manage to get employees to engage with health professionals as they may rarely visit a GP. Offering a height, weight, blood pressure and possibly a cholesterol or blood sugar as a finger prick, although fairly inexpensive, could alert an employee to a possible underlying medical condition, which if tackled early should not become problematical.


Experience has shown that people who would benefit most from medical advice regarding lifestyle rarely attend. Ways to overcome this may include:

  • Fitness challenges carried out in groups.
  • Walk to work days.
  • Fitness, relaxation etc. sessions available on site
  • Step counters available for all staff.
  • Collaboration with other agencies such as the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and MIND to involve them in on-site activities.
  • Availability of Mental Health First Aid training.
  • Collaboration with catering staff to help offer healthy meals. ​

Specialist Services

We also offer unique Specialist Services such as workplace assessment, EAP, Radiography, Physiotherapy and more. To discuss any of these specialist services please contact us.

Ill-Health Retirement Medicals

Every year thousands of people in the UK are diagnosed with conditions that prevent them from continuing to work. Many of them take the option of early retirement due to ill health.

Medical Assessment and Advisory Service

Our Pensions and Early Ill-health Retirement advisory services offers medical assessments consistent with pension scheme rules and criteria and will help to determine whether an individual is likely to meet the criteria for Early Ill-health Retirement.

On Placement Screening

Ensure your employees are happy and healthy with our on-placement screening services. By coming directly to you we save you the time, hassle and cost of sending individuals out of work for individual assessments.

Online Questionnaires

Once submitted by the employee, our system can turn around an On-employment form in one day if there are no health conditions.

Telephone Assessment

This would be carried out as soon as is practicable, with a report being sent to management within 24 hours. An attempt would be made on two occasions and if unsuccessful, then the manager will be informed.

One-to-One Meeting

Our in person assessment aims to discuss any conditions noted in the primary questionnaire . There are provisions to do this via Telephone or Video Call and we aim to provide a same day report as the appointment.

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