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What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a broad industry concerned with the monitoring and management of employee health and well-being. We provide a wide range of Occupational Health services to a variety of organisations. From SMEs to large single sites & multiple site operations, our Occupational Health Services are ensured to make your business safer. This improves your teams health & well being, leading to improved productivity and business performance.

Our History

Here at KnOHow we have over 40 years experience in the medical profession with the last 20 years being spent focusing on the occupational health industry. The areas that we have covered in this time include Public Sector Workers – DWP, Royal Mail and Prison Services. As well as numerous manufacturing industries covering everything from nuclear power plants to cheese.

Our Services

We have a broad range of OH services available that can be tailored to your suit your business needs. We do this whilst being able to provide an OH presence whenever and wherever you need it, keeping your business working uninterrupted.

Health Surveillance

Our extensive range of Health Services include: Audiometry, Vision Screenings, Driver Medicals and so much more.

Mobile Screening

Our on placement screening services save time and money through our Online and Telephone assessments.

Absence Management

Managing absenteeism in your workforce helps to reduce costs whilst increasing employee productivity.

Safety Always Comes First

Occupational Health is an often-overlooked business tool.  We support businesses to ensure they work within their required legal requirements and making sure that our services aid your business. 

We know your employees are your most valuable asset. We are well placed to support you and your workforce to achieve optimum health and productivity for all.

Our Vision and Values

Our collective experience within the Occupational Health Industry has laid the foundations for what we come to expect from the services we provide at KnOHow.

Our focus is always on providing the highest quality care, with excellent communication to our clients to ensure we are maximising value, safety and efficiency.

Increased Productivity

From SMEs to large single sites & multiple site operations, our Occupational Health Services will improve your team’s health & wellbeing

This leads to increased employee productivity and happiness whilst increasing business performance.

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